Special Edition of Annals, 2015: Frontiers in Public Policy 

A Collection of papers to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Hokkaido University Public Policy School

  • Hokkaido University's Public Policy School issued the collection of papers in March of 2015, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the foundation of the school. We would like more people in the world, not just in Japan, to know about our research. This collection is open to the public through our website.
  • 「公共政策学の最前線」は、北大公共政策大学院の創設10周年を記念し、2015年3月に発刊された記念論文集です。本論文集は、北大公共政策大学院に所属する教員の研究成果を国際的に発信することを目的とし、電子媒体で本ホームページ上で公開されています。
  • *2016年3月31日、紙媒体として発刊されました。

Frontiers in Public Policy

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Mikine Yamazaki ○○○○


Yoshiharu Ishii

Sustainability of Local Finance from the Viewpoint of Anti-Depopulation Measure Project Bonds

Shuji Koiso

Development of a Tourism Policy by Utilizing Economic Effect Analysis From the Experience of the Tourism Policy Research in Hokkaido

Mikine Yamazaki

The Structure of Contemporary Japanese Central-Local Government Relations: A Comparative Perspective From Territorial Politics(記念論

Hitoshi Ebiko

Planning in Local Administration and the Structure and Issues of Comprehensiveness
From “Given” Comprehensiveness to “Autopoietic” Comprehensiveness

Yuichi Murakami

Regulation, Governance, and 'Capture': Commentary on My Case Studies and
Theoretical Trend

Hiroyuki Tanaka

Public Benefit and Taxation beyond National Boundaries

H.J. Naomi Chi

Towards a Multicultural Society or Ghettoization?: Demographic Changes and Migrant Communities in East Asia