International Exchange

Hokkaido University Public Policy School (HOPS) provides a variety of student exchange systems and programs to promote human resource development in the age of globalization.

A. Long-term study abroad

(i) Student exchange with affiliate universities
(ii) Scholarship
(iii) Other student exchange promotion programs
(iv) Study abroad at the student’s private expense

B. Short-term study abroad
C. Externship (international career training system)

A. Long-term study abroad

(i) Student exchange with affiliate universities

HOPS offers opportunities to study at leading affiliated universities abroad. At the departmental level, the school is affiliated with National Chengchi University (College of Law, College of Social Sciences, College of International Affairs) in Taiwan, where students of the school can study for one year. At the university level, there are approximately 30 partner universities around the world, with which student exchange is promoted actively.

At the university level, there is a tuition-exemption system in which students who have paid tuition to Hokkaido University before studying abroad are exempted from paying tuition at affiliate universities. The enrollment status of such students during the period is “studying abroad.”
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Major university-level affiliates (partner universities)
USA/Canada: University of Wisconsin, University of Massachusetts, Portland State University, Ohio State University, University of Hawaii, University of Alberta

Asia: Seoul National University, National Taiwan University, Fudan University, University of Science & Technology Beijing

Europe: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, Université Louis Pasteur, Consortium des Universités de Grenoble, Consortium des Universités de Strasbourg, Moscow State University, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Oceania: University of Adelaide, University of Auckland
Other partner universities (International Student Center)

(ii) Scholarship

Students can study abroad either at their own expense or on scholarships. HOPS is currently establishing an independent scholarship program for studying abroad. Scholarships for student exchange at the university level are the Exchange Promotion Program Scholarship and Hokkaido University Clark Memorial Foundation Student Exchange Promotion Scholarship. * The Exchange Promotion Program Scholarship is the same as the Short-Term Student Exchange Promotion Program Scholarship of the Japan Student Services Organization.

Independent scholarships of HOPS
HOPS Student Exchange Promotion Programs
(1) HOPS International Fellow/Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris spring program
Scholarships are offered to several students to participate in the 2014 spring program at Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris.
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(2) HOPS International Fellow/Balkan Program
Students are dispatched for training at the Japan Refugee Center (joint project of the Japanese government and UNHCR) operated in Croatia by the NPO Japan Actions for Relief Center (JARC). Scholarships are provided to dispatched students as HOPS international fellows.

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Hokkaido University’s scholarships (for student exchange)
(1) Exchange Promotion Program Scholarship (International Student Center)
(2) Hokkaido University Clark Memorial Foundation Student Exchange Promotion Scholarship (International Student Center)

(iii) Other student exchange promotion programs

In addition to exchange programs with the above partner universities, HOPS students can apply for other programs, including the Renault Foundation MBA International Paris, Renault Foundation Paris Tech Master Course and EU Erasmus Mundus.

(iv) Study abroad at the student’s private expense

Some HOPS students study abroad at their own expense to invest in their future and participate in programs more suited to their international careers.

B. Short-term study abroad

Students can also study abroad for a short period using summer or spring holidays. Several attractive programs are available to improve linguistic ability, develop international sensibilities and form global networks.

  • Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris short-term spring program (joint program of Hokkaido University, Keio University and Sophia University) (HOPS’s independent scholarship)
  • HOPS International Fellow / Balkan Program (HOPS’s independent scholarship)
  • Universität Wien summer program
  • Geneva International Peace Research Institute
  • International Youth Leadership Conference (held in Prague, Czech Republic)
  • EU Internship
  • Israel-Palestine Joint Summer Program

C. Externship (international career training program)

The well-established externship program is another attraction of HOPS. Special officers allow students to have training for international career development.
Organizations offering training include the following:

  • JICA (in comprehensive partnership with Hokkaido University) / Feedback from past participants
  • Japan Foundation / Feedback from past participants