Center for Public Policy Studies

The center opened in 2007 as a research organization affiliated with HOPS. In 2012, the three research modules below were established within the center for policy research and proposals with a focus on East Asia, eco-welfare and urban issues. Special emphasis is currently placed on Hokkaido Dialogue, which is a programme to facilitate civil society dialogue among East Asian countries organized around the above areas of focus. It is an attempt for intellectual and social leaders of Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan to get together and discuss a wide range of common and synchronic issues, such as the environment, welfare, gender, media, local autonomy, natural disaster and risk control. Moreover, leading intellectuals from China, Korea and Taiwan are invited concurrently as guest professors to promote dialogue on an everyday level. Institute’s Research and Projects. The Center for Public Policy Studies is promoting a variety of research activities and projects. The Center created three research modules on August 1, 2012 and established a stronger research system to (1) further improve its research implementation ability; (2) address various problems